Data Recovery

Accidently deleted a file or need a file from a computer with a corrupted system?  Velocity Tech can help with Hard Disk, USB drive and SD card data recovery.  We can also help transfer files from an old system to your new one.

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Home Visits

Velocity Tech can help you figure out why your VPN or internet connection is down or if something else getting is in your way from getting things done.  Download and install something that came with a surprise and can't figure out how to remove it?  Velocity is more than happy to expedite its services directly to your home during our business hours of 8AM - 5PM Monday through Friday.

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Office Help

Have a system sitting around that you need evaluated to see if it's worth keeping around or need help migrating its functionality to a new system?  License assessments and data transfers to new systems are available.  We can tell you it's value, upgradability and replacement cost.

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Commited to Results

At Velocity Tech we put our customers' best interest first by providing an honest service.  While we are here to fix, maintain and upgrade your systems, we will also make sure to let you know when your systems are nearing their end of life.  When a drive or screen is going to fail we will warn you of the signs and symptoms so you're not stuck panicking over any lost data or time.

Velocity Tech prides itself in fulfilling it's customers' needs with over 20 years of IT experience.  Combined our techs are bay area natives with close to a century worth of IT experience.  Velocity Techs have industry certifications from Apple, Cisco, CISSP, Microsoft, Oracle and more.

Need help using all your gadgets to the fullest or integrating a new technology in your network?  Let Velocity Tech get all your IoT and Smart Devices working in harmony.  We handle all technical issues from Antivirus to help with Zip files.  Velocity Tech is never too busy when you need them.  When we have too much work on our plate we just get more help.  Best of all we stand behind our work.


Velocity Tech Can Handle IT

Give us a call, send us a text or email us your questions or to schedule an appointment.