When privacy, security and convenience are paramount, Velocity Tech can come to your office or home.  This can expedite repairs faster and prevent further loss of data.    Onsite repairs are done at a rate of $80/hour with a 1 hour minimum charge.  Repairs that take longer than one hour can be taken offsite for a lowered rate.


Bring the work to us for deeper analysis.  This is sometimes a better option for lengthier work such as virus removal, data recovery and system optimization.

The consultation is free for you to decide which option fits the situation best.


OS installation or re-installation – where we install the operating system and antivirus program.  Both are updated to ensure a secure and clean system ready for applications to be installed.  System hardware is physically cleaned and inspected.  Services and Startup Applications can be optimized at the customer's request.

OS Reinstall w/data – Includes everything above. Data is saved and scanned to make sure it is clean before putting back on computer after install.

Corrupted Software Repair – All attempts made to repair damage to software without reinstalling. This takes more work, but means you don’t have to reinstall programs after or reset all your custom configurations.  OS Reinstall with data will be performed on systems which cannot be repaired.

Performance Tune – This is a great option for when your system is not performing to your satisfaction or when you're trying to squeeze the last bit of use out of your system before upgrading.  Performance maintenance includes scanning for viruses, spyware, removal of unnecessary programs slowing down the computer as well as many performance tweaks.  Normally done onsite.

Hardware Upgrades – Is your hard drive making a lot of noise?  It could be that it needs defragmenting or replacing before it fails.  Want to get more performance out of your gaming experience?  Velocity can help with CPU, memory, hard disk, networking cards or setting up a RAID.  We also offer drive cloning so you can upgrade hard disks without having to reinstall anything.

Data Recovery Services

Hard Disk File Recovery – Velocity Tech can help rescue files you accidently deleted or when your hard disk starts to fail.  This can be handy when working on a term paper or another urgent project.  Please keep in mind that some recovery efforts can take more than a day depending on the size of the drive.

Full Hard Disk Recovery – This is a more general search where we thoroughly search the entire drive for any salvageable data or files that could be of importance.  Note that this process takes more time since there is no specific target.

Crashed System – Need to access data on a system that won't boot?  Before things get worse, bring it by for us to assess it.  We can tell you if it can be repaired or if the data needs to be recovered.  While you grab a cup of coffee we can diagnose your troubles.

USB and SD Memory Card File Recovery – USB Drives and SD Cards are removable media which means files are easily deleted by accident.  Why?  Most users are accustomed to deleting files which go to their Recycle Bin or Trash but with removable media the files are immediately deleted.  As long as you do not right anything to the removable media we have a pretty good chance of getting your files back.

**In any recovery scenario, it is best to give us as much information as possible such as the file name, type, location, size, creation date, etc.

Network Optimization

Systems running fine but things are "still slow"?  Is your network suffering from a weakest link which is slowing down all communication?  Have too many wireless devices connecting or wireless dead spots that need assessing?  Have Velocity Tech analyze your network needs, traffic and hardware to eliminate bottle necks.  Cable runs can be checked and firmwares can be updated to gain performance or address known issues.


Budget Minded

Velocity Tech offers services for all budgets.  For example, the cost of parts can be purchased in bulk packaging instead of at a retail store to save on repairs.  Some parts can be repaired or replaced with spare parts we've tested to buy time to save for that new system.  The service provided by VT is backed by the same 90 day warranty expressed when using brand new parts.

Velocity Tech Can Handle IT

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