Our Philosophy

At Velocity Tech we put our customers' best interest first by providing an honest service.  While we are here to fix, maintain and upgrade your systems, we will also make sure to let you know when your systems are nearing their end of life.  When a drive or screen is going to fail we will warn you of the signs and symptoms so you're not stuck panicking over any lost data or time.

Our Story

There are many IT solutions and PC repair shops in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Choosing one is not that easy and can be intimidating to some so Velocity Tech provides a friendly, reliable and responsive service.  Velocity Tech is able to serve the greater bay area by having 1 to 3 technicians serving each region: North bay, East bay, South bay and Peninsula.  There's always a VT staff member nearby to bring you enterprise level expertise you can count on as a friend in the IT field which you can build a long-term working relationship with.

Meet the Team

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Augusto Mercado

Founder & CEO

Experienced IT Administrator with over a decade supporting multiplatform environments.  Prides himself in customer service and a hard work ethic with an entrepreneurial mindset.  Has helped start 3 businesses as a partner and mentor.

Karla Angulo

Vice President & CFO

Owner & Founder of All Seasons Event Rentals which has been operating in Redwood City, CA since 2003.  Has over 9 years of marketing experience with agencies such as Millenium Sales and Marketing which is a local division of Clear Channel Communications.

Velocity Tech Can Handle IT

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